Last Thursday in Privacy: A Monthly Data Privacy and Security Event

March 18, 2020

A new free to attend virtual event has launched covering current topics in data privacy and security.

Now more than ever organisations should pay attention to their data privacy and cyber security. With an unprecedented amount of people now working from home, this brings additional challenges and concerns from raising the exposure to cyber security and increased data protection implications. The new virtual event gives organisations and staff the opportunity to gain knowledge from on the current complexities of privacy and security to the basic principles of GDPR.

Nick James, CEO and founder of Data Protection World Forum commented on the new event: “At a time when in person events are not possible, like many organisations we are transitioning to virtual event experiences” he added, “like in our in person events, our aim is to provide a platform for practical advice and actionable strategies with content that educates and informs.”

The first virtual event sponsored by OneTrust took place on April 30th. The event explored up-to-the-minute topics within data privacy and security through webinars and panel discussion with experts within the field. The event was a full day from 7am – 9pm reaching a global audience starting in the APAC region and ending in the Americas.

Topics included:

  • Fireside Chat with Leonardo Cevera Nervas Director of the EDPS looking at their Response to Covid-19 and Data Privacy and Surveillance.
  • A Global Perspective on Data Privacy and Surveillance During the current Covid-19 Pandemic which explored some of the current concerns of contact tracing.
  • HR Matters: Data Privacy Concerns for Remote Working – looking at key concerns for employees working from home
  • The data protection crisis of online advertising: Brave’s Jonny Ryan gave a detailed presentation on the issues of RTB

Here’s a video of the highlights of the first event:

To view some of the sessions on-demand and for more information in the upcoming events and visit:

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