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Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) is an evaluation of the measures a company is taking to improve its environmental and social practices. ESG ultimately enables organisations to contribute to fighting climate change and improving social justice.

Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) is fundamental to putting ESG into practice. The chief responsibility for the managing and reporting of ESG programmes lies with GRC teams.

Why GRC is fundamental to ESG

GRC professionals will ultimately be managing their company’s ESG measures, advising on those measures from a compliance and risk perspective, and reporting the company’s ESG metrics to regulators, certifiers, and stakeholders.

There are many reasons that aspects of ESG fall under the remit of GRC teams, including:

  • Ensuring legal compliance: Not all aspects of ESG are mandatory—yet—but some companies already have legal obligations to report on greenhouse gas emissions and gender pay disparity (for example).
  • Managing supply chains: Supply chain management is among the key priorities in ESG. For example, cutting the carbon cost of a product means assessing the carbon emissions generated at each stage of the product’s manufacture.
  • Integrating ESG: GRC and ESG both share the “G” pillar of ESG—overall responsibility integrating ESG into a company’s practices and structure falls to GRC teams.
  • Reporting: Measuring, quantifying and explaining ESG practices is the means by which companies can hold themselves to account and provide evidence for their efforts to improve sustainability and equity.

As investors, customers and governments pay increasingly close attention to every company’s environment and social practices, managing ESG has become a matter of managing risk—something GRC professionals have been doing for decades.

About The ESG World Forum Summit

ESG (Environmental & Social Governance) is now a fundamental part of any organisation’s strategy for growth, whether the goal is to seek investment, increase inventory, or promote the brand.

The demonstration of a clear, compliant, and measurable ESG programme is essential at every level of the business if that business is to succeed. ESG is also under increasing scrutiny from investors, governments, regulators, philanthropic organisations, media and, more recently, social media platforms.

ESG cannot be ignored, treated as a “box-ticking exercise” or seen as a “nice-to-have” initiative. It requires a top-down approach from the C-Suite and major stakeholders.

The ESG World Forum Summit will:

• Provide high-level learning experiences suitable for those at the top of their field.

• Engage with cutting-edge ESG technology and regulation topics to help leaders influence company policy and prepare for the future.

• Offer an opportunity to build professional relationships with like-minded individuals.

• Create a leadership community that can effect real influence in the ESG sector.

Invited attendees will be senior decision makers with purchasing responsibility. We have a very limited number of complimentary invitations remaining. If you’d like to attend…




“The event was a great way to learn about the
latest topics in the sector. The array of
speakers is first-rate, and the organizers
make a sincere effort to provide
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The Venue

The ESG World Forum Summit will take place in the International Convention Centre (ICC) Wales, part of the Celtic Manor Resort.

The UK’s newest and most exciting events venue, the ICC is set in 2,000 acres of panoramic parkland, just off the M4, easily accessible from the M5 & M50 and only 90 minutes from London Heathrow Airport.

The ICC team are no newbies to hosting, and have accommodated some of the biggest events on the calendar including the NATO Summit and the Ryder Cup.

All delegates and sponsors will stay overnight in the resort and will enjoy entertainment and fine dining alongside a high-level conference programme.


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What will be covered?

The Summit will discuss the current and future trends of ESG policies and regulations and look at what organisations and investors should do to comply with them.

The Summit will address the social criteria of ESG. It will explore how a company manages its relationships with employees, suppliers, customers, and the communities where it operates.

The Summit will also examine and investigate governance performance, and debate how organisations can improve their structure and oversight, cyber risk and systems, transparency and reporting as well as their codes and values.

The ESG World Forum Summit is a community of learning - not a conference. But participants will receive valuable insights into the industry’s emerging complexities and future trends, with themes including:

Beyond the framework: Embedding ESG principles in your company

More information to be announced

Implementing a carbon neutral roadmap

More information to be announced

How organisations can improve their structure and oversight

More information to be announced

Digital ethics in ESG: Can your company do better?

More information to be announced

Mixing business with pleasure 


Participants at the ESG World Forum Summit
will also have the opportunity to take part in a mix of
more leisurely pursuits

Golf . Cycling . Shooting . Spa experience . Gala Dinner


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