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ESG is taking on an even greater significance in light of recent events: companies have the responsibility and resources to accomplish positive climate action, building a more sustainable, resilient future.


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“The event was a great way to learn about the
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    ESG Global, day two: is green the new black?


    The three Cs, three As, dynamic harmony, disharmony, why green is the new black, and trust ethics and ESG by design were among the themes on day two of the ESG Global, sponsored by Planetly from OneTrust.

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    ESG Global, day one insights


    The first day of ESG Global sponsored by Planetly from OneTrust, was packed with fascinating insights.If there was a common theme it was the need for greater harmonisation of ESG standards. But to start at the beginning we need to go back to 1965.In 1965, the Beatles had a number ...

  • ESG sustainability


    ESG exposure to Russia — it’s complicated


    What is the true exposure of ESG funds to Russia? The answer is both higher than is stated but less than you might think, and there is a lesson for business too. 

More News & Insight

  • Johnny Chong

    Johnny Chong (莊寧)

    Director of Board at Social Impact Investment & Procurement Foundation

  • j_goosby_smith_headshot

    Dr. J. Goosby Smith

    Vice President for Community Belonging & Chief Diversity Officer, Pepperdine University

  • Eric Le Martret

    Eric Le Martret

    Global Head of ServiceNow Risk & Security Practice, Wipro

  • Gloria Boyd

    Gloria (Robinson) Boyd

    Ph.D., Senior Director Human Resources, Chief Diversity Officer, Mississippi County Arkansas EOC

  • Sajed Naseem

    Sajed Naseem

    Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) of New Jersey Courts

  • Robert Bateman

    Rob Bateman

    Analyst and Research Director, GRC World Forums

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“One of the most interesting events in the sector.
It gives the possibility to hear from the most
important experts and to network with other