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6th June 2023 –

Grosvenor Ballroom, London

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About the Awards

The Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in Tech Awards will bring together and celebrate the individuals who are changing the world of tech for the better across the United Kingdom.

These awards will showcase the business leaders, role models, advocates and mentors, as well as the inspirational rising stars who are celebrating diversity, equity and inclusion across the technology landscape.

However, far more than just an awards ceremony, the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in Tech Awards will be a year round programme of support, collaboration and celebration via our dedicated community channel working with our partner Fresh Business Thinking!

The technological revolution has changed our daily lives and the world that we live in

According to a 2022 report from Dealroom, which analysed data on behalf of the UK’s Digital Economy Council, the UK tech industry is now valued at $1tn (£764bn), a milestone that has previously only been reached by the US and China.

It was revealed in 2021 that UK tech companies made up 38% of the combined valuation of European unicorns in 2021 – the highest percentage across the continent, with these figures firmly cementing the UK’s position as one of the world’s leading tech hubs.

Over the years, this technological revolution has changed our daily lives and the world that we live in, making our lives lives easier, faster, better, and more fun.

But while technology has certainly become an agent of change, the real disruption has to happen on a human level.

As the coronavirus took hold of Asia, Europe and then the United States in the latter half of 2020, global conversations regarding racism, trans rights and the inequalities faced by many in our society began to spark - resulting in a number of social and political movements that are challenging the way that we perceive the world around us.

The Black Lives Matter movement has highlighted the challenges faced by black and ethnic minority groups in our communities, the plight of charities and supporting organisations supplying essential items and protective supplies for those most in need has been intensified, and the need for diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace continues to be a prominent conversation in today’s society.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) is by no means a new concept, but the case for championing it is stronger than ever, and although massive strides have been made, there has been a clear stagnation. And the case for DEI is watertight.

Research from Tech London Advocates has highlighted the lack of female or BIPOC (black, indigenous and people of colour) representation at board level, with a further 51% of industry leaders surveyed voicing concerns that the lack of diversity in the industry could cost the UK tech sector its world-leading position.

The Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in Tech Awards will look to provide a safe and supportive space for like-minded individuals to collaborate, support and champion the differences that make us unique, and ultimately help businesses to thrive.


”We have made it our mission to create a platform for diversity, equity and inclusion to be recognised, celebrated and encouraged, and this is your opportunity to help set the precedent and be part of the change, showing your workforce through action that equality matters.”

- Nicola Dowdall, Managing Director

The statistics cannot be ignored

In McKinsey’s Diversity Matters report, they found that companies with high levels of ethnic and cultural diversity were 33 per cent more likely to outperform their competitors. And according to a CIPD report, around 14 percent of the UK working age population come from a black, Asian and minority ethnic backgrounds, and by 2030, it is expected that the proportion will be closer to 20 percent

However, the same report shows that significantly more black, Asian and minority ethnic backgrounds employees overall (40%) say their career to date has failed to meet their expectations in comparison to those who identify as white British (31%).

Similar research shows that LGBTQ+ employees are struggling with work in this pandemic world, moreso that their straight and cisgender peers. In fact, LGBTQ+ respondents were 1.4 times as likely to cite acute challenges when it comes to workload increases, loss of workplace connectivity and a sense of belonging.

And in the UK specifically, BEIS Analysis shows that if ethnic minority individuals were given full representation within the workforce, the labour market would reap benefits to the tune of £24 billion.

Furthermore, research by Accenture has indicated that 77% of employees and 80% of leaders with disabilities choose not to be transparent about their disability at work.

In 2022, these statistics simply cannot be ignored. 

The only way to pave the way for change when it comes to diversity, equity and inclusion in technology is to engage employees at all levels and backgrounds to work together as equals and to collaborate and support each other.

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Diversity in company boards is happening slowly, but the reason why it matters must be explained

The Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in Tech Awards will be the go-to community to enhance DEI across the technology sector; allowing collaborative engagement in a space specifically created to support and open the door for the next generation of diverse leaders.

This initiative will bring together employees of all backgrounds and career levels within the technology industry, with the shared aim of creating a supportive ecosystem and championing equality across the workforce.

The audience will be made up of technology professionals with a shared vision of creating a collaborative, diverse and equal workforce.

We will see senior technology business leaders, key decision makers and changemakers joined by their peers in HR and D&I roles from across the Technology industry engage with us to support, celebrate and recognise the individuals helping technology businesses to thrive.

There has never been a more important time than now to champion diversity, equity and inclusion in technology, and we are on a mission to create an engaged and connected ecosystem to celebrate differences

A diverse workforce is simply a good workforce

We have made it our mission to create a platform for diversity, equity and inclusion to be recognised, celebrated and encouraged, and this is your opportunity to help set the precedent and be part of the change, showing your workforce through action that equality matters.

The series will give you the opportunity to:

Change the world of technology

Change the world of technology

Collaborate with peers

Collaborate with peers

Champion the diverse workforce

Champion the diverse workforce

Support the next generation

Support the next generation

Become a thought leader

Become a thought leader

Celebrate DEI in Technology

Celebrate DEI in Technology

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