Data Protection World Forum Summit


Data Protection World Forum Summit





25th & 26th May 2022

ICC | Celtic Manor Resort



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Data Protection World Forum Summit Themes

Embracing the Opportunity of Regulatory Change

The regulatory environment across digital and data-driven services is constantly in flux.

In the UK, data protection law could become more liberal, while the EU and the US are looking to tighten their rules.

All change brings opportunities for those with the right knowledge and skills. The summit will explore how data protection leaders plan ahead and leverage upcoming reforms to improve their organisation’s market position.

Driving Efficiency Amid Increasing Complexity

Increasingly complex rules on issues like data transfers and information security can consume vast resources.

But competent individuals with access to the right systems and technology can spot efficiency gains that put them ahead of the competition.

The summit will explore the efficiency challenges facing privacy and security teams, and how to address these via policy and leadership.

Building and Maintaining Stakeholder Trust

Trust in a brand is an increasingly vital consideration for consumers, investors, and employees.

With ever-higher public awareness of privacy issues, how can data protection leaders help their organisations portray an authentically trustworthy and transparent public image?

The Next Generation of Privacy-Enhancing Technology

Contractual and organisational controls have failed to solve the big problems of data protection. Instead, political, and corporate leaders are betting big on privacy-enhancing technologies (PETs).

The Data Protection World Forum Summit will explore the cutting-edge PETs that may hold the answer to privacy’s most taxing questions—and could transform how organisations use data.