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The Wall Street Journal - Headline Media Partner

The most ambitious people in the world read The Wall Street Journal. Winner of 37 Pulitzer Prizes for outstanding journalism, is a critical resource of curated content in print, online and mobile apps, complete with breaking news streams, interactive features, video, online columns and blogs.

Published by Dow Jones, The Wall Street Journal has been a trusted name since 1889 for unparalleled analysis and unique reporting informing decisions that drive the world forward.

Today,’s integrated solutions are complete with breaking news streams, watchlists, alerts, data feeds and APIs. The Wall Street Journal is an indispensable resource for those who are setting new benchmarks for the world to follow.

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NorthRow was founded in 2010 to accelerate the digital transformation of regulated organisations whilst preventing financial crime.

NorthRow’s technology solutions create effortless client onboarding and monitoring experiences, whilst ensuring regulatory obligations are met.

By automating and integrating a broad range of identity verification and managed services, NorthRow simplifies the complexity of compliance during the onboarding process, improving operational efficiency and customer experience, whilst reducing our client’s time to revenue.

We are the technology partners for a range of international clients who operate in multiple industries including Financial Services, Payments, Property, Hospitality and Public Sector delivering fast, robust and compliant onboarding processes.

NorthRow’s mission is to be the partner of choice for digital transformation projects, addressing the range of challenges thrown up by a changing regulatory and business environment for our clients.

Get started today to learn how to digitally transform your compliance and onboarding processes.

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SWIFT is a global member-owned cooperative and the world’s leading provider of secure financial messaging services.

We provide our community with a platform for messaging, standards for communicating and we offer products and services to facilitate access and integration; identification, analysis and financial crime compliance.

Our messaging platform, products and services connect more than 11,000 banking and securities organisations, market infrastructures and corporate customers in more than 200 countries and territories, enabling them to communicate securely and exchange standardised financial messages in a reliable way.

As their trusted provider, we facilitate global and local financial flows, support trade and commerce all around the world; we relentlessly pursue operational excellence and continually seek ways to lower costs, reduce risks and eliminate operational inefficiencies.

Headquartered in Belgium, SWIFT’s international governance and oversight reinforces the neutral, global character of its cooperative structure. SWIFT’s global office network ensures an active presence in all the major financial centres.

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Sayari Labs

Sayari Labs

Founded in 2015, Sayari is trusted by top financial institutions, Fortune Global 500 corporations, and financial crime regulators and enforcement agencies, across 35 countries.

Sayari’s data intelligence platform powers the fight against global financial crime, increases corporate transparency in high-risk places, and supports critical national security mission sets.

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When Quantexa was founded, hundreds of data-intensive organizations around the world were facing up to the same challenges—they couldn’t close the gap between all the data they were accumulating and the millions of mission critical decisions their organization needed to make every year.

We were approached by two global enterprises under intense scrutiny from regulators, looking for both a better, more efficient way to use their data and a way to seriously improve accuracy and lower their costs.

We quickly realized that every data-intensive organization is facing the same challenges these regulated organizations were dealing with years ago.

Today we’re helping organizations across bankinginsurance, the public sector, and beyond to change the way they make millions of operational decisions every year.

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Exterro’s powerful, robust and unified privacy data management solution helps organizations orchestrate and automate data inventory management, data retention and minimization, DSAR, and incident and breach response processes, saving time and effectively bringing stakeholders together to achieve harmonized and future-proof privacy, data protection and business regulatory compliance.

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Money laundering is the crime that fuels crime. Lucinity’s mission is to Make Money Good® by combining the best of human and artificial intelligence. Lucinity uses Human AI to help banks fight financial crime more efficiently. By designing its AML platform around man and machine, Lucinity allows banks to increase their AML programs’ productivity by up to 50%.

Lucinity identifies suspicious activity through its proprietary behavior detection system. The approach is entirely risk-based and allows customers to control their risk exposure before efficiently reviewing AML alerts in the Lucinity Case Manager.

The company was founded by industry veterans. The core team has experience from Tier-1 banks, international regulators, and leading legacy vendors. Lucinity takes great pride in being the enterprise-ready AML startup that brings the novelty and excitement of a startup and the professionalism and experience of an incumbent.

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Customer experience is the hallmark of growing revenue in digital channels. However, that revenue can be threatened by losses sustained from new account fraud, account takeover and other cyber threats.

As the volume of digital transactions surges, fraud and risk management leaders are tasked with building trust across a broad range of use cases, managing risk across digital channels, and limiting financial losses from cybercrime. BioCatch helps financial institutions and digital businesses build an online environment where customers feel safe to interact.

BioCatch, the market leader in behavioral biometrics, analyzes physical and cognitive digital behavior to distinguish between genuine users and criminals to detect fraud and identity theft and to improve customer experience.

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