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22–23 June 2021

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john cusack


John Cusack


Chair, Global Coalition to Fight Financial Crime

Panel discussion: John Cusack

John Cusack, Chair of the Global Coalition to Fight Financial Crime will lead the panel discussion, ‘Moving the Needle - Defining, measuring, and improving FinCrime effectiveness.’ This panel will scrutinise what the term effectiveness can – and more importantly should – mean for the stakeholders in the FinCrime world, and explore pragmatic and practical ways in which all stakeholders can help ‘move the needle’ in a positive direction

22nd June, 10:30am UK time + on-demand

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Agenda Themes at FinCrime World Forum

Focusing Effectiveness On Tackling FinCrime

Despite decades of investment in compliance, firms continue to be fined for breaches, law enforcement agencies continue to have a marginal impact on criminality, and the scale of illicit funds in the global economy shows no signs of declining. As a result, the global standard setters for FinCrime, the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), have highlighted the need for a more ‘effective’ response to the problem. It is not just what businesses and public agencies do that matters, FATF say, but how intelligently they do it. But what does FinCrime effectiveness amount to, in practice? As a final core theme, the conference will investigate what an effective response in both the public and private sector looks like, and what kind of metrics might be applied to evaluate it. The conference will also consider the development of new ways of fighting FinCrime, such as Unexplained Wealth Orders (UWOs), and the greater role that other sectors beyond financial services need to play in our overall approach.

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Aligning RegTech To FinCrime Realities

Regulators are increasingly endorsing the use of ‘regulatory technologies’ (commonly called ‘RegTech’), to help firms fulfil their FinCrime obligations. Public agencies in leading financial centres have created regulatory ‘sandboxes’ to foster innovation, and major events – ‘tech sprints’ - where vendors can demonstrate how their tools can improve the delivery of core tasks such as Client Due Diligence and ‘Know Your Customer’ (CDD/KYC). Since the start of the pandemic, moreover, several regulators have increasingly encouraged the use of RegTech as a flexible way to manage FinCrime risks in uncertain time. Nonetheless, what this will mean in practice often seems ambiguous, and the financial services industry still needs to find ways to translate positive rhetoric into concrete results. A further key theme of the conference will thus be looking at how firms can do just that, from effective project implementation, through to real-time deployment on the frontline.

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FinCrime World Forum’s keynote sessions deep-dive into the practices that are driving international FinCrime. From picking apart trafficking networks, to tracing a global web of money-laundering, to exposing high-level corruption, our subject-matter experts blend real-world experience with academic insight to take viewers inside the tactics, tools and technologies employed by criminal masterminds.

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Virtual Assets In The FinCrime Mainstream

Since the beginning of 2021, Virtual Assets (VAs) have been moving towards mainstream acceptance. Major payment service providers will soon facilitate cryptocurrency payments, and well-known firms have made investments in crypto markets. Although not everyone is fully convinced – some regulators and banks remain wary – there is every reason to believe that VAs are now a permanent feature of the financial system. But being accepted as part of the mainstream means that VA Service Providers (VASPs) also have to come to terms with the realities of financial crime. Legal and social responsibilities cannot be wished away. A major aim of the conference will therefore be to help move the debate about VAs away from the currently simplistic argument of ‘good versus bad’, towards an exploration of constructive – and sustainable – ways in which VASPs can play a full role in the fight against FinCrime.

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Building Next Generation FinCrime Partnerships

Across the world, financial institutions, law enforcement agencies and regulators are coming together in Financial Intelligence Sharing Partnerships (‘FISPs’), designed to help the private sector target their FinCrime activities with more precision, and deliver better leads on criminal activities to the authorities. Since the creation of the first such partnership in the UK just over five years ago, the results have been impressive, but largely tactical in nature. The question now is how to forge partnerships that can have a strategic impact in the fight against FinCrime. The conference will thus explore where partnerships are going next, including the development of sector-wide utilities and the creation of public-private investigatory fusion cells. It will also look at the role new technologies can play in improving operational integration between the sectors, especially through the emergence of advanced encryption techniques for real-time data sharing.

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  • Focusing Effectiveness on Tackling FinCrime
  • Aligning RegTech to FinCrime Realities
  • Building Next Generation FinCrime Partnerships
  • Virtual Assets in the FinCrime Mainstream
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