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→ London  7th & 8th June 2022

→ Dublin  28th & 29th June 2022

→ Amsterdam  5th & 6th July 2022

→ Stockholm  20th & 21st September 2022 

→ Brussels  28th & 29th September 2022

Digital Trust Europe - ESG World Forum

ESG World Forum 

ESG World Forum is a two-day, in-person event taking place as part of the Digital Trust Europe series. 2021 was widely considered “the year of ESG investing.” Given the importance society has placed on ESG issues following COP26, we are likely to see this growth trend continue throughout 2022.

ESG World Forum will bring together a range of leading ESG experts and executive speakers from a range of industries as every major company is considering ESG strategies. 

ESG World Forum will feature panels and presentations on topics such as:

  • Embedding ESG across global organisations
  • ESG data and sustainable investment 
  • Mainstreaming carbon offsetting 
  • Measuring the “S” in ESG

The event is a must-attend for anyone involved in implementing or reporting on ESG within their organisation and is looking to gain fresh perspectives and ideas regarding ESG.

Attendance at ESG World Forum will help your organisation manage risk, pinpoint opportunities and build a more resilient corporate brand whilst promoting sustainable long-term growth that will benefit companies and investors.

What is Digital Trust Europe?

Digital Trust Europe will take place through June, July & September 2022, visiting five major cities; 

London . Dublin . Amsterdam . Stockholm . Brussels

Digital Trust Europe will also be available to a global audience via livestream.

Each city will co-host four events; 

→ ESG World Forum | FinCrime World Forum | PrivSec World Forum | Cloud Modernisation Summit

Security, financial crime, resilience, fraud, loss prevention, privacy, and data ethics are becoming increasingly intertwined in a digital and data-driven world.

To innovate with speed and confidence, organizations need to address all the above with integrated solutions.

In today’s digital world, organizations must prioritize trust and a robust governance, risk and compliance framework is a critical component to building and maintaining trust.

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PrivSec World Forum 
Part of the Digital Trust Europe Series

ESG World Forum - London

Part of the Digital Trust Europe Series 

ESG World Forum - Dublin

Part of the Digital Trust Europe Series 

ESG World Forum - Amsterdam

Part of the Digital Trust Europe Series 

ESG World Forum - Stockholm

Part of the Digital Trust Europe Series 

ESG World Forum - Brussels

Part of the Digital Trust Europe Series